Angelic Baby
Angelic Baby Gif
Character Information
Monster Type Baby
Floors of Appearance Cath.
Base Health 25
Deals Contact Damage Yes
Type of Tears Tri-Shot
Movement Float

The Angelic Baby is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth commonly found on the Necropolis, Utero, and Cathedral floors. The Angelic Baby is spawned by Isaac (Boss) when he is in his second stage. It is a floating baby with angel wings and a fetal tail.


The Angelic Baby slowly floats towards the player, occasionally performing one of the following:
  • The Angelic Baby will scream, firing three tears in a tri-pattern at the player.
  • The Angelic Baby will teleport to another location, more so than the Baby.


  • Babies and Angelic Babies always spawn in fours, except when spawned by the player or Isaac (Boss).

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