B. Licker
Buttlicker Gif
Character Information
Monster Type B. Licker
Floors of Appearance Catacombs
Base Health 20
Deals Contact Damage Yes
Type of Tears Non
Movement Crawling

The B. Licker, short for Butt Licker, is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is commonly found on The Catacombs floor, but also less commonly found on the Necropolis floor and the Utero floor. It is a round head with two round hands that pull it along the floor.


The B. Licker moves as a segment, each being attached to the B. Licker in front of its behind, possibly licking its rear end. B. Lickers always follow the attached B. Licker in front of them, in which the lead B. Licker crawls around the room randomly. They always spawn in pairs unless spawned by the player. When a B. Licker in a segment of B. Lickers is killed, the segment will split into two smaller segments. Unlike Larry Jr., the boss with which its movement and behavior is generally associated, B. Lickers can survive on their own, not exploding when they are solitary.


The player should focus on either the lead B. Licker or the caboose of the segment as to avoid creating more segments. The player should also avoid being close in range to a B. Licker, as its movements are unpredictable. If the player is able, they should find a location in which B. Lickers cannot reach them but the player being able to damage the B. Lickers. Piercing tears and explosive tears are recommended. Bombs can be effective, but B. Lickers, as stated above, move unpredictably and can easily avoid a bomb before it explodes.