Curse Door

A Curse Room is a Room in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is a Room where Isaac sacrifices some health in order to gain a possible reward or negative consequence.


A Curse Room will always have a set of Obstacles, Pickups, Chests, or Enemies. It will contain one of the following:

  • Four Spiders and one Big Spider
  • One or Two Black Hearts
  • One or Two Red Chests
  • A Stone Chest
  • An Item from the Cursed Room Pool with 4 Spiders
  • Four Blue Fireplaces with a Red Chest

Finding a Curse Room

Either one Curse Room or one Self-Sacrifice Room will spawn on a Floor. It will always spawn with only one other Room touching it, Secret Rooms being an exception.

Requirements to Open

Entering or exiting a Curse Room will take one Half-Heart away from Isaac. If Isaac has flight, only exiting the Curse Room will damage Isaac. The Curse Room can be entered for free if the wall is exploded from inside a Secret Room. This goes for exiting it as well though Isaac would still need a way out of the Secret Room.