Fat Fly
Fat Fly Gif
Character Information
Monster Type Fly
Floors of Appearance Basement
Base Health 8
Deals Contact Damage Yes
Type of Tears "V" Pattern
Movement Flying

The Fat Fly is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is encountered on The Basement, The Cellar, The Caves, The Catacombs, The Depths, and the Necropolis floors. It is a large fly that has the body shape of a wasp with an orifice at the end of its body.


The Fat Fly slowly flies around the room. When it is in range of the player, it will fire two spread tears in a "V" pattern at the player. Fat Flies can sometimes be time consuming to kill, for they can fly over rocks and remain stationary for a moment, not allowing the player to shoot them. Fat Flies can fly over Rocks, Spikes, Holes, and other obstacles.


If the player does not move, they will avoid all shots by Fat Flies, for Fat Flies shoot in a "V" pattern.