Gazing Globin
Gazing Globin Gif
Character Information
Monster Type Globin
Floors of Appearance Caves
Base Health 33
Deals Contact Damage Yes
Type of Tears None
Movement Walk

The Gazing Globin is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is commonly found on most floors. It is a walking pile of meat with one eye and regenerative abilities.


The Gazing Globin quickly sprints toward the player,noticeably faster than Globin, dealing contact damage. When killed, Gazing Globin is reduced to a pile of mush that slowly moves away from the player, in which it must be killed again before it regenerates with noticeable less health. Gazing Globin is not much o a threat, that is, unless it is accompanied by other Gazing Globins, in which it is difficult to fully kill, for the others walk in front of their fallen.


The player should probably divide their damage evenly among all of the Gazing Globins in the room in order to destroy the piles of mush that they turn into before another Gazing Globin blocks the player's shot. Bombs can be used, but Gazing Globins can easily sprint past them before they explode. Piercing and explosive tears are recommended. Moving to a place where Gazing Globins cannot reach you, but you still have a clear shot, is recommended.


  • Both types of Globins are generally accompanied by other Globins of either type.