Character Information
Monster Type Boil
Floors of Appearance Necropolis
Base Health 20 (When Full)
Deals Contact Damage No
Type of Tears IPECAC
Movement Immobile

The Gut is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is commonly found on the Necropolis floor. It is a large, green, swelling gut.


The Gut is immobile. It starts off very small, but quickly grows. Its size represents both its health and how close it is to firing. When the Gut is fully grown, it will occasionally fire an IPECAC tear in a random direction. The Gut constantly grows until it is either its full size or killed. When damaged, it shrinks in size.


The player should kill Guts as soon as possible as they are weakest when the room is first entered. However, if multiple Guts should happen to grow to their full size, the player should balance the sizes, not allowing any Guts to shoot. If the player is not able to quickly reach a group of Guts, the player should allow the Guts to kill one another.


  • Only Champion versions of Guts can deal contact damage.