Mask of Infamy is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that appears as a Boss on the Necropolis Floor. It is a huge Mask + Heart.


Mask of Infamy has two separate parts, one having two separate stages. The parts and their stages are as follows:

  • The heart is one of the parts of the Mask of Infamy. It slowly moves away from Isaac and randomly floats around the room. If Isaac gets close, it may also shoot tears in an asterisk pattern.
  • The mask is the other part of the Mask of Infamy. It quickly moves in straight lines around the room, charging at Isaac when he is in range and lined up with one of the mask's cardinal directions. The mask is invincible until the heart is killed, in which its speed will increase and it will become vulnerable, but it can only take damage from its exposed backside, where a small entity lives.

Champion Variants

Mask of Infamy only has one Champion variant. It is as follows:

  • Mask of Infamy will be black. The heart will, instead of firing tears in an asterisk pattern, it will fire 4 homing tears at Isaac.


  • The Mask of Infamy cannot swallow bombs like Chub and her variants.
  • The Mask of Infamy can take damage from Creep, despite flying.