Mega Satan
Mega Satan Portrait
Character Information
Character Type Boss
Floors of


The Chest
First Stage Health Head: 3000
Hand: 600
Second Stage Health Head: 2000

Mega Satan is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that appears as one of the official Bosses of The Chest and one of the final Bosses of the game.


Mega Satan goes through two ordered stages in which he will perform various attacks and spawn various scripted enemies. They are as follows:

1.) During his first phase, Mega Satan will have a fully-skinned face. His hands can be destroyed, but they will regenerate during his invincibility phase, which will be described later. He can perform the following attacks:

  • Mega Satan will smash one of his hands down, creating a circle of fissures in the ground.
  • Mega Satan will repeatedly smash both of his hands down alternately, creating waves of fissures in the ground.
  • Mega Satan will slam his head on the ground, spawning massive barrages of mortar-style tears.
  • Mega Satan will vomit waves of tears at Isaac in various patterns.
  • Mega Satan will vomit a humongous brimstone laser forward.
  • Mega Satan has certain enemies he spawns, each section spawning when he takes enough damage. When the sections are spawning, he recedes into the darkness and his head and hands are invincible and his hands will regenerate. He cannot attack in this invincibility phase. His sections of enemies are as follows:
1a.) Mega Satan will spawn Famine and Pestilence. After they are defeated, he will spawn Death and War.
1b.) Mega Satan will spawn Super Envy. After super Envy is defeated, he will spawn Super Lust and Super Wrath. After they are defeated, he will spawn Super Gluttony, Super Greed, Super Pride, and Super Sloth.
1c.) Mega Satan will spawn Fallen Uriel. After Fallen Uriel is defeated, he will spawn Fallen Gabriel.

2.) During his second phase, Mega Satan will just be a skull and will perform various attacks which are as follows:

  • Mega Satan will vomit out waves of flames.
  • Mega Satan will vomit out waves of Hook Worm tears.
  • Mega Satan will vomit out waves of Parasite tears.
  • Mega Satan will vomit out waves of normal tears.


Satan Hurt
Satan Rise Up
Satan Grow
Satan Appear
Satan Blast
Satan Blast 2
Satan Charge Up
Satan Spit
Satan Spit 2
Satan Spit 3
Hellboss Ground Pound
Hellboss Ground Pound 2


  • Mega Satan was the first secret boss in The Binding of Isaac's sequel.

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