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Monstro II is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is present as a both a Boss on The Depths floor and as a Monster during Boss Rush. Monstro II is the posthumous variant of Monstro, it just being Monstro's skull with a small patch of skin and only one eye.


Monstro II spawns in the center in the room and attacks in various ways. His attacks are as follows:

  • Monstro II can hop small distances towards Isaac in the player's vision, dealing contact damage.
  • Monstro II can jump large distances to Isaac's location when the jump was initiated in which it jumps out of the player's vision (above the screen) and lands, dealing contact damage. The first time it lands, Monstro II shoots a barrage of tears in an asterisk-shaped pattern. The second time it lands, Monstro II spawns 4 Suckers. These effects that occur upon landing alternate.
  • Monstro II can vomit a single brimstone shot at Isaac if the happen to align themselves with Monstro II's left or right side.

Champion Variations

Monstro II only has one champion variation in which it may assume.

  • Monstro II will be pink/light red and will move much quicker, but will spawn only 2 Suckers instead of the usual 4.


  • Strategies against Monstro II from the first game aren't as effective in the second, for Monstro II has different attack patterns and it is more difficult to trigger its brimstone attack.