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Number One is a Passive Collectible in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It makes Isaac urinate instead of cry.


Isaac gets a 1.5 Tears up, a 15.78 Range down, and a 0.45 Tear Height up. His tears are now yellow and shoot from his lower region.


Number One is only found in the Item Room pool.



  • Azazel: Azazel's range is reduced in exchange for reduced charge time.
  • Brimstone: Isaac's laser takes much less time to charge while having no decrease in range.
  • Marked: Isaac's tears are now orange.
  • Mom's Knife: Isaac's range is reduced.
  • Technology: Isaac's laser takes less time in between firing while having no decrease in range.
  • Toothpicks: Isaac's tears are now orange.


  • Incubus: Incubus' fires more quickly with no range down.


  • To "go number one" is to urinate.

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