Pooter Gif
Character Information
Monster Type Fly
Floors of Appearance Basement
Base Health 8
Deals Contact Damage No
Type of Tears Single
Movement Flying

The Pooter is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is encountered on every floor in the game. It is a large fly that has the body shape of a wasp.


The Pooter slowly flies around the room. When it is in range of the player, it will fire a single tear at the player. Pooters can sometimes be time consuming to kill, for they can fly over rocks and remain stationary for a moment, not allowing the player to shoot them. Pooters can fly over Rocks, Spikes, Holes, and other obstacles.
Pooters are spawned by certain enemies, some examples being:
  • Hive
  • Swarmer
  • Some Champion variants of The Duke of Flies

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