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Character Type Boss
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Scolex is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth only found as a boss on The Womb floor. Scolex is a variant of Pin.


Scolex's movement is very similar to that of Pin. Scolex can take a longer time to defeat than expected, for its health is double than that of Pin and Scolex can only be damaged if the player attacks its rear, Scolex's lower segment, the segment easy to spot, it being in the shape of an asterisk and flashing, yet it being very small and only appearing for a short amount of time. Scolex's attacks are as follows:

  • Scolex will burst out of the ground, diving towards the player's position when Scolex first initiated the dive, dealing contact damage and exposing its weak spot.
  • Scolex will poke its tail and lower segments out of the ground, firing three explosive tears towards the player, exposing Scolex's weak spot, and dealing contact damage.
  • Scolex will poke its head and upper segments out of the ground, firing a barrage of scattered, varied tears towards the player.


  • Scolex's name derives from the name of the head of a tapeworm, the head being the scolex.
    • This is ironic, for Scolex can only take damage if it is hit in its rear end.