The Adversary
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Character Type Boss
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The Adversary is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is present as a Boss on The ??? Floor. It is the posthumous variant of Dark One.


During the battle, The Adversary will perform on of many attacks. The attacks The Adversary can perform are as follows:

  • The Adversary will jump into the air, landing and creating a circular fissure around itself.
  • The Adversary will split open, shooting out a few Spiders.
  • The Adversary will shoot a homing brimstone-laser at Isaac.
  • The Adversary will darken the room.


Monster grunt 4a
Monster grunt 4 b
Monster roar 1
Monster roar 3
Monster yell b1
Monster yell b5
Skin pull 1
Skin pull 2
Skin pull 3


  • In the game's files, The Adversary is referenced as Dark One 2.