The Wretched
The Wretched Portrait
Character Information
Character Type Boss
Floors of


Depths (Double Trouble)
Base Health
Heart flash
Items Dropped Boss Pool

The Wretched is an enemy that appears as a Boss on The Catacombs, The Depths (Double Trouble), and the Necropolis floors. She is the posthumous variant of Widow and is also a giant spider with an upside-down head for a body and large toes for feet, though her mouth is sewn shut and a new one has been created.


The Wretched has several different attacks or actions in which she will perform. They are as follows:

  • The Wretched will jump to Isaac's location, her landing spot signified by a shadow.
  • The Wretched will leave a puddle of white, slowing Creep along with either 2 Spiders, a Big Spider, or a Trite. She also shoots 8 tears in an asterisk pattern.