The Widow Portrait
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Character Type Boss
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Widow is an enemy that appears as a Boss on The Cellar Floor and as a Monster on later floors. She is a giant spider with an upside-down head for a body and large toes for feet.


Widow has several different attacks or actions in which she will perform. They are as follows:

  • Widow will jump to Isaac's location, her landing spot signified by a shadow.
  • Widow will leave a puddle of white, slowing Creep along with a Sack. Only two Sacks can be present at a time and she can kill her own Sacks by jumping on them.
  • Widow will cough out Spiders.

Champion Variants

Widow has two champion variants which are as follows:

  • Widow will be pink and will spawn Guts and Boils instead of Sacks. She also spawns Flies instead of Spiders and jumps with less cool-down.
  • Widow will be black and will Big Spiders instead of Sacks. She also spits tears in an asterisk pattern instead of Spiders and has black Creep.